Singularious will create the world’s first Conscious City.

Singularious proposes the Conscious City as the future paradigm in urban design to transcend the shortcomings of today’s Smart Cities.

What is a Conscious City?

A Conscious City is an integrated urban system organized by intelligent infrastructure with the power to adaptively maximize holistic urban values.






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AI-powered nursing assistant for healthcare.

GRACE is specially designed to help address the challenges of the overworked nursing & care facility staff, increasingly isolated patients, virus transmission concerns and will also help to improve the general well-being of the patients.

Use Case of the Arious Conscious City

See how the Conscious City will help make your life more easy and automated. Know the use case of the Conscious City and see how AI and Machine Learning can be used for a better life.

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The OS: Blockchain - the underlying fabric of the city

Our own proprietary blockchain will tie everything together.




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Our Project

Arious - The Conscious City is an integrated destination, with complementary world-class leisure and entertainment offerings.

Location & Access

Target Market

Residential Development

Leisure & Tourism Offerings

Casino Gaming

Phase 1A

Phase 1A will include a comprehensive suite of gaming and non-gaming amenities ensuring the first phase provides a complete Conscious City integrated leisure and lifestyle experience.

Phase 1B

Phase 1B expansion plans by Singularious will include additional gaming and unique leisure offerings that will maximixe recurring visitation and will aid in creating extended stays by visiting tourists.

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